Article by Dr. J.K. Poulsen


In the course of following a nutritious cleansing regime, many people experience uncomfortable symptoms of what is generally referred to as symptoms of detoxification ...This is known as a healing crisis.

The most common is temporary constipation, reduction in energy, light-headedness and perhaps headaches ...Some people also report aches and pains in various parts of the body, digestive system gas, diarrhea, or other miscellaneous discomforts.

These symptoms ...occur because the body is ridding itself of the toxic substances that have accumulated over time ...not only the toxic materials and plaque that have accumulated in the colon, but also the antibodies and other substances that have built up in the individual cells, interfering with their normal functioning ...As these substances are ejected out of the tissues, they are dumped into the system, causing the body to become temporarily more toxic until they are all excreted ...This produces the symptoms of the "healing response" ...This effect is accentuated by the body’s process of tearing apart defective tissue, neutralizing yeast, repairing damaged cells, destroying parasites and toxic agents.

The more intense ...the detoxification symptoms the more toxic the body is and the more efficacious will be the healing response ...Because the healing response is caused by flushing the toxins out of the cells! ...The strength of the healing response also depends on how courageous you are in following the recommended cleansing program ...The more deliberate and direct the cleansing cycle is followed, the more beneficial will be the healing response ...Often in the course of the healing process, the symptoms of illness may temporarily reappear ...This is very normal ...Itching, body odor, bad breath is also very normal ...Bloating and aches are also very normal ...Loss of energy for a couple of days is also quite normal ...If any of these symptoms happen to you CELEBRATE because this is what we want.

It took many years for these toxic materials to accumulate with you and it will take a strict lifestyle change to get it ALL out of you ...Discomfort for a few days is very normal for 5 – 10 percent of the population ...Those that smoke or drink alcohol may also have a difficult time ...For those that are taking medications for specific ailments or birth control pills may also experience severe symptoms of detoxification.

Experiencing such adverse healing symptoms can be very uncomfortable for many people, because we are taught in our society that ill-health symptoms are bad ...Don’t take painkillers, antihistamines, or other drugs when uncomfortable cleansing symptoms occur is important to follow the suggested program correctly and do nothing to interfere with the healing process ...Taking painkillers or other drugs at this point to relieve the symptoms actually prolongs the cleansing and the discomfort.

Mucous and other bodily fluid discharges are quite normal as are flu like symptoms ...You see, aspirin and antihistamines work by blocking the prostaglandins – chemical substances found throughout the body which regulate many bodily functions and the metabolic process ...Generally the prostaglandins work in opposing pairs ...One, for example, such as histamine may produce inflammation and swelling in response to a specific stimulus, while another undoes these reactions ...When a person takes painkillers or an antihistamine to stop an uncomfortable reaction, they may not experience the pain or inflammation, but they also do not get the healing process.

Remember your body INFINITELY INTELLIGENT ...and, if given the proper tools (good nutrition, sufficient fresh air and water, adequate rest and sleep and a positive mental attitude) ...will manage to work itself through the healing crisis ...and "miraculously" heal itself.

Thanks to India Hoogs for providing this information.

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